PC/ABS Filament

Product Details:
Place of Origin:      Shenzhen, China
Model Number:     ECO-PC/ABS
Certification:          Rohs,SGS
Weight: 1kg
Color: Natural and Black
Tolorance: +-0.05mm
Diameter: 1.75mm/2.85mm
Support OEM:       Yes
Sample Offer:        Yes
Packaging Details: Vacuum sealed and
individual box

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Material Date sheet
Gerenal Spec Testing Method
Place of origin Guangdong, China
Manufacturer ECO
Product Name PC/ABS Filament
Density 1.14 g/cc D792
Melt Flow Index 4.8 g/10min D1238
Tensile Strength 53 MPa D638
Elongation at break >100% D638
Flexural strength 85.3 MPa D790
Flexural Modulus 2160 MPa D790
Hardness 114 A D785

PC/ABS Filament for 3d printing

PC/ABS is a high-performance alloy of two of the best materials in 3D printing – polycarbonate and ABS. This alloy greatly improves on the thermal and mechanical properties of the ABS while maintaining good printing characteristics.
PC-ABS is moisture sensitive. Even when stored in a bag with desiccant, drying in an oven for ~ 1hr at 85C-95C may be required for bubble free high strength prints.

3D Printing PC ABS alloy details:
Spool N.W: 1kg
Filament: 1.75 mm PC ABS alloy filament
Tolerance: ± 0.05mm
Box size: 21 * 21 * 7.5 cm
Package details: vacuum sealed, individual box, master carton

3D Printing PC ABS alloy features:
*PC ABS alloy 3D Printer Filament Vacuumed Sealed With Desiccant
*Strength: high | Flexibility: High | Durability: High
*Stable printing process
*High Impact Resistance
*Difficulty to use: low
*Shrinkage/warping: Considerable
*Diameter Accuracy can be controlled within ±0.05 mm
*Print temperature: 230°C – 250°C
*Print bed temperature: 80°C – 110°C

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