Nylon Filament for 3D Printer

Product Details:
Place of Origin:      Shenzhen, China
Model Number:     ECO-Nylon
Certification:          Rohs,SGS
Weight: 1kg
Color: more than 10 color
Tolorance: +-0.05mm
Diameter: 1.75mm/2.85mm
Support OEM:       Yes
Sample Offer:        Yes
Packaging Details: Vacuum sealed and
individual box

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Material Date sheet
Gerenal Spec Testing Method
Place of origin Guangdong, China
Manufacturer ECO
Product Name Nylon Filament
Density 1.156 g/cm^3 D792
Melt Flow Index 15 g/10min D1238
Tensile Strength 60.7 MPa D638
Elongation at break 48.1% D638
Flexural strength 86.6 MPa D790
Flexural Modulus 2087 MPa D790
Impact Strength, IZOD notched 20.1 J/m D256
Heat Distortion Temp 200 D648

Nylon filament is an incredibly strong, durable, and versatile 3D printing material. Flexible when thin, but with very high inter-layer adhesion, nylon lends itself well to things like living hinges and other functional parts. Its low friction coefficient and high melting temperature make it an excellent choice for things like 3D printed gears.

Although Nylon PA6 is more durable than ABS, printer settings are usually similar except for the printing temperature which is higher for Nylon.

Our Nylon filament is characterized by consistent quality, high dimensional accuracy and has been extensively tested on a variety of printers, including open source 3D printers such as RepRap; yielding very strong and precise prints. The adhesion to the print bed increases with higher extrusion temperatures. The best results were noted at around 260°C. Excellent adhesion to print bed with Kapton tape, bachelite or nylon bed.

3D Printing Nylon details:
Spool N.W: 1kg
Filament: 1.75mm Nylon filament
Tolerance: ±0.05mm
Box size: 21 * 21 * 7.5 cm
Package details: vacuum sealed, individual box, master carton

3D Printing Nylon features:
*Nylon 3D Printer Filament Vacuumed Sealed With Desiccant
*Strength: Medium | Flexibility: High | Durability: High
*Stable printing process
*Difficulty to use: Medium
*Shrinkage/warping: High
*Diameter Accuracy can be controlled within ±0.05 mm
*Print temperature: 230°C – 250°C
*Print bed temperature: 80°C – 110°C

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